H&M Close the Loop Denim

H&M Close the Loop Denim
H&M Close the Loop

As some of you know, I'm very involved in the sustainable fashion scene. I was having a discussion with my friend the other day about whether we should include the big brands in the conversation. Some people would scream "noooo, they are the dark side". I personally believe that a healthy debate should always encompass views from both sides of the fence - that's why we have "freedom of speech", and it's only when we have all views that we can then make our own judgements on the issues.  Anyway, the highstreet brands are part of the fashion industry, and (like it or not) are here to stay, but more importantly, they are part of fashion's future, which I aspire to be a sustainable one.   

H&M is one of the big fast fashion brands, but compared with the other brands that I've seen on the high street, are doing a lot more about their sustainability! It may be tiny steps, but at least it's in the right direction.  What other big high street brands do you see are active in bringing about sustainability to their supply chains?

Close the Loop 

Next week, H&M will be launching 16 new denim styles (ladies, men and kids) made from organic cotton and recycled cotton from the textiles collected in the Garment Collecting Initiative in H&M stores - some of you might remember that campaign, which collected 14,000 tonnes globally.  So, this is all about being part of the circular economy, something I discussed about in my Fashion Designers Do Good series. According to H&M, 

"H&M is able to use 20% recycled cotton from collected clothes, and is investing in new technology to increase this share without losing quality. H&M has a target to increase the number of garments made with at least 20% recycled fabric by 300% compared to 2014"
H&M Close the Loop

H&M Close the Loop

As part of the launch, H&M in Singapore has collaborated with a group of LASALLE students to takeover a window display at their flagship store and decorate it with recycled denim - it's part of their awareness campaign to highlight the importance of fashion sustainability. The installation will be from 3 - 29th September. 

H&M Close the Loop

H&M Close the Loop

Disclaimer - I was not compensated for this post. All views are my own. 

Back to School

Sorry for not blogging much lately. I signed up to study supply chain management and sustainable fashion at Taftc. Although it was a 2 day course, the assignment is a tough one. Well, for me anyway! I haven't done homework in ages, and to have to do it again is making my mind reel. On top of that, we have to a presentation of the work we did. So, wish me luck.

Fix It Friday - Fix Your Jeans!

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Fix It Friday - Fix Your Jeans!
Yes, it's happening next week on the 28th August, 7pm at the Prototyping Lab. So if you have jeans you want to fix, and you don't want that torn look, sign up at the link below (or email and reserve your slot :-)

Fashion Revolution - Clothes Swap!

Fashion Revolution - Clothes Swap!
I haven't been writing much but that's because I'm busy preparing for a clothes swap happening on the 5th September, 4 - 6pm. Mark your calendars, everyone!

So, if you're thinking about freshening up your wardrobe and getting rid of the old stuff? Forget shopping, it’s time for a clothes swap! Clothes swaps are not only a good way to declutter and refill one's wardrobe, but are also considered a green way to reduce waste, reduce the use of natural resources, and revitalize your closet without opening your wallet!

Spend the afternoon hanging out, finding new friends,
trying on new outfits, and taking pictures.

Take part and be a SWAPAHOLIC!


1. Clean your closets and set aside clothing, shoes, and accessories in excellent condition for us. 2. Launder and make sure your clothes are in tip-top condition for their new owner

3. Neatly fold or hang your swappables and place inside a clean bag

4. Drop your swappables and collect your coupon on either 19 August 7-9pm, 22 August 2-6pm, and 1 September 7-9pm.

5. Swap day on 5th September . Bring your coupons and bag for your items.

6. Items leftover at the end of the event are donated to charity Note:

Swapaholics can trade in up to 12 items Swapaholics bring in your clothes for trade and exchange them for coupon that you can use to claim “new” items from the swappers heaven on 5th September. 

Collection Dates at Kapok Cafe, 111 Middle Road.
19th August, Wednesday- 7pm-9pm 
22nd August, Saturday- 2pm-6pm 
1st September, Tuesday- 7pm-9pm 

Organized by:

Fashion Revolution SG
Fashion Revolution Day is a movement to increase awareness of the true cost of fashion held each year on April 24th, the anniversary of Rana Plaza.

We want to create a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. Our mission is to create a movement engaging consumers, environmental leaders, fashionistas, human rights activists and designers to think differently about who makes their clothes in order to make that happen


kapok singapore 
The name kapok derives from the majestic emergent trees of the same name. The trees grow tall in their ecosystem and provide a home for plants and animals. kapok also provides a unique roof under which people in the community can meet and find inspiring quality goods.

Connected Threads 
A platform to advance and promote sustainable fashion industry, it aims to bring awareness about the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion.

TOPSWOP is a series of clothes swop events. Brought to you by Maninder (a professional Image Consultant) and Donna (a self-confessed shopaholic).

Artist Feature : Thinking Tsuru

Artist Feature : Thinking Tsuru
A solo exhibition at an Artist residency programme with P-10, Perumal Road
The exhibition was named “Please take thisseriously” 2004

Did you know fish bones can be made into art pieces? Or even accessories?
I think most of us would just throw them away after a meal without thinking of giving them a second life.
Well, I didn't know that fish bones could be transformed into beautiful pieces until I met founder of Thinking Tsuru, Bernice Lau, at last October's Maker exhibition at SMU. Here she is wearing her Tsuru as a necklace.

How Did You Get Started?
The Tsuru craft began in 2004 after my personal journeys to my late Grand Aunt’s place. She showed me her creation and quizzed me what material it was. I answered correctly and she started teaching me how to make them ever since. Hence it was adopted as an Art project while I was pursuing my degree and it became addictive for me after her teaching me how to clean and macerate the fish. So far it has been 11 years and she would always come to mind when I clean the fishes.

Originally I would leave the fish bones primed and left it as such remaining natural with dried ferns to display them. However, the tsuru/s are now spray painted or hand painted so that they each have a distinct appearance about them. 

What challenges do you have when working with fish bones?
I had to overcome the fishy odors while treating the fish bones with care. It is a surgical process and since the fish bones are small and prickly, I must be careful not to get poked. The ribbon fish is a predatory eel like fish and has sharp razor like teeth and most fishmongers tell me to be careful with the heads. It also takes hours to clean the flesh from the skeletal structure and the process of sun drying them takes about 2 to 3 days with substantial sunlight.

Cleaning the fish head

Why "Thinking Tsuru"? 

This is a question I hear from friends who cared to ask. "Thinking" is an adjective and is a deliberate choice we do every moment of our lives. Tsuru means crane in Japanese language. And I strive to be "seikaku" meaning "exact" in Kanji.
Tsuru, the legendary flying bird that soars through clouds and skies, is symbolic of longevity and happiness in folklore.
Hence when you piece "Thinking" and "Tsuru", you get " Always deliberating longevity".
That was the branding idea I had and finally put one and one together. 
And the funniest and laughable thing that happened last year was my Japanese Maker friend, Maria Tsuruoka gave me the definition of her surname and I was taught that "Tsuru"+"oka" = "hill of cranes".

What are people's reactions to your work?
Most are bewilderment and astonishment as they have hardly seen such an art form in Singapore. I suppose there is a certain level of shock to it as it is after all, a dead animal's skeletal structure. I have however, received a few reactions of disgust from some who are against animal cruelty and are strictly animal lovers and vegan. 

My favorite audience are children and people who love nature and who appreciate my art. That brings more meaning to what I do and intend to continue pursuing.

Bernice can be contacted at Thinking Tsuru

How to Sew a Refashioned Top From Trousers

How to Sew a Refashioned Top From Trousers

I had a beautiful pair of cotton trousers which shrunk even though I had followed the laundry instructions to a tee (or maybe I grew a few centimeters!)

Initially I wanted to upcycle them into shorts, or perhaps even refashion them into a bag. But I had a wedding dinner coming up and I thought, "Why not make them into a top?" It took me a while but I ended up combining it with an old pair of black office trousers.

refashioning trousers

#1 Make Shorts
Well, this was the easy part! I cut my trousers to become a pair of mid-thigh length shorts. I carefully hemmed them. This tutorial is tells you how to do it.

refashion trousers

#2 Cut Trouser Leg into Panels
I cut open each trouser leg at the seams and then sewed them together so that I got one long rectangle. I also opened up the seams of a pair of black trousers but this time I cut the panels in two and sewed them to the print panel (see images below). I now had two panels each with a wide black trim.

refashion trousers

refashion trousers

#3 Combine Panels
This is the part where I used my mannequin. I took one of the panels and made it into a tube, then I draped the other panel over the tube and sewed it down in the middle except for a small loop through which I would tie it around the neck with the belt of the black trousers. You could replace it with a thick choker, black sash or even necklace.

refashion trousers

refashion trousers

Here is a graphic with all the instructions summarised!

refashion trousers

Here I am wearing it

Here I am with my friends at the wedding.... the only picture of us... and it was in the ladies washroom! Well, it was the Fullerton Hotel.

You might like this tutorial!

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