Milk Carton Coin Pouch


This Saturday, I will be working with Singapore Environment Council and holding a workshop on upcycling milk cartons (well, in my case, soya milk cartons) for their volunteers.  Have been prepping for the event as there will be over 40 of them. This will be my first time teaching such a big group so I have been preparing slides and sorting out my materials.

I was cutting my cartons with my son and he pointed out how cute the bottom part of the carton was and how it could hold some coins - ding!  There are tutorials and different versions of the milk carton coin pouch.  This is my take on it! Why don't you share your version of it with me on my Facebook page (  Would love to hear from you!

Don't forget to get a clean and dry carton!

I used the pages of an old magazine to wrap it up, but I think it would look lovely with scrap fabric! Remember to use a thin layer of craft glue.

Sew on the button and elastic.  The only thing new here is the button.  The elastic was actually cut from my son's pair of school shorts - the elastic was unraveling, so why not!

Finito!  Small enough to put in your pocket.

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  1. Great idea! My kids would love to make something like this to hold their change! :)

  2. Hi Agatha, this is a brilliant way to make use of recycled stuff! Love that button you chose! =) I have a fortnightly craft linky if you are keen to link up, recent one is here Thank you for the inspiration!! =)