Upcycled Football Shorts for Junior

Do you know the "Football Crazy" song? I am reminded of it every weekend when the boys in my household watch the English Premier League, and then go for training with their friends. Without football, their lives would be incomplete (or so they say!).  When hubby's football shorts had lost their stretch around the waist, I found it impossible to thread some new elastic and decided to scale it down to make a new pair for junior!

The easiest tip that I have found is to place an existing pair of shorts of the old pair, pin, trace (allowing for seams along the whole garment), cut and then sew.  The pinning, tracing and cutting were very easy so I let my son help out. 

I cut the neon stripes (does anyone know why sports gear has to have three stripes?) from the side and sewed them to the newly cut shorts pattern. 

He was very keen to learn, so I let him have a go - only a few wonky lines but it looks alright!
We then created a small tube of 5 cm at the top to allow insertion of an elastic band.

He's ready for some action on the pitch!


  1. Looks like new!! I'm sure that's one happy boy :)

  2. great job, Agy!
    And your little helper is so sweet!!!!
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com

  3. Great idea to let your son help with the cutting out, Agy. Who knows why sports short have 3 neon stripes, but they all have them. No one would ever know your shorts are refashioned!!! Great job.



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