Recycling in McDonald's Taiwan

We were in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in June.  Taiwan is known for its natural beauty (think Alishan mountains) and scenic views. It's also know for being very environmentally conscious. My Taiwanese friend told me that at predetermined times of the month, a recycling truck will make its way down to the neighbourhood to collect recyclables. Everyone will flock to it like kids running towards an ice-cream truck!  What's more amazing is that all the recyclables are cleaned and separated before passing them to the truck. I was sceptical at first until our tour guide told us to take all our rubbish with us back to the hotel for recycling, and I saw this at McDonald's. 

If you finished your set meal, you would need to dispose of your tray properly. Just think of the number of steps involved; at least five? You would think that it is impossible, but I observed that the Taiwanese went out of their way to dispose the individual items into the respective slots of the bin. Do you think this could happen in Singapore? How long do you think it would take for our behaviour to change for the better?


  1. Cool and inspiring, Agy! If only every restaurant did this. In my city, some do a little separating, but this is extra conscientious.



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