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Two years ago I shared how to make a pair of slippers with old t-shirts after having learnt it from my Japanese friend. I had so many queries about the technique that I was wondering how to improve it. I have finally gotten round (yes, 2 years later!) to penning my thoughts down, and it's all because of a recent slipper workshop that I had conducted at Popin Craft

It was a small gathering of eager learners from different backgrounds - CY and M are avid sewists (I have decided to use this word instead of "sewers" as some non-sewists think we have some relation to sewage!) and GK who scrapbooks, and crochets to and from her commute to work.

We didn't use our toes! We stuck the loom framework onto the table instead.

Mini slippers made by CY and M

It was a great session as we really connected as crafters, and secondly, we shared a lot of tips on how we could improve the durability of the slipper itself.  What's making without self-improvement and progress?

Here are the tips!

a) Start off with making mini-slippers if you are a beginner to making slippers. U

b) Tuck in all the loose ends of t-shirt fabric once you have completed the weaving.  If you do this while weaving, your whole weave will start to get loose.

c) Use a crochet hook to tuck in the t-shirt fabric, and also excess string. 

d) Use sewing to hold down the tucked in string rather than a hot glue gun. More stability and strength!

e) Use felt material as a base of the slipper. 

One thing I was mulling over is how to make both slippers look the same, to which CY and M said "Handmades are supposed to look different from each other", and I think I have to agree :-)

Have you attended any sessions where you really connected and shared great tips? 

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  1. You're talented! Your flip flops are so cute and look really comfortable. I like the colors, too. Didn't know you could make slippers out of t-shirts. Cool.

  2. These are such cute slippers Agy! Thanks for sharing the tutorial and tips - I've pinned it to try myself sometime!

  3. some VERY talented people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I.m 80 and now have a new project to work on. Have made t-shirt rugs before but this is a good way to make and give to shelters,ect. Julia