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Do you love to listen to music? I have a drawer full of CDs and ...... 

cassette tapes... 

(no I wasn't going to mention vinyl, just in case you were all wondering!) .... yes, tapes. 

I remember the time when we had to fiddle with the play, stop, rewind and fast forward buttons just to get to the right song; it took forever to get there. 

Oh, and the constant flipping of the cassettes from side A to side B... those were the days. I think the most annoying part came when the tape broke and your favourite songs couldn't be played anymore. 

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by Maegan from She still plays her tapes and she blogged about her tape repair!  She is featured in this week's Fix It Friday features. Also, featured is Vanessa's shoe repair - she has a neat trick up her sleeve!

If you would like to find great repair tips in the Making Good blog train visit here. We still have one more week of great fixes to go!

How to repair cassette tapes

Repair Shoes

Enjoyed these repairs? There are a lot more over at the Fix It Friday Series!

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  1. I love the sock repair. My boys are always making holes in their socks and it's good to know how to fix them.

  2. I'm always picking up great "how to" info here. Thanks!!

  3. I am sure I've got some cassettes stashed away somewhere. Good to know I can get a good fix if need be.